ATUNEC Ecuadorian Tuna Fishing Association

What is ATUNEC?

The Ecuadorian Tuna Fishing Association was created in 1994 with the goal of gathering all of the owners of tuna fishing vessels in the country, promoting solidarity and development at material, social, and technological levels.

Strategic and responsible fishing for the future

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  • The draft Fisheries Law strengthens the control of illegality

    One of the main reforms that apply to the Organic Law for the Development of Aquaculture and Fisheries is to establish clear rules and high fines to counter illegal fishing in Ecuadorian waters. In this way, according to Assemblyman Lenín Plaza (AP), president of the Food Sovereignty Commission, the “yellow card” that the European Union

  • New bill announced to sanction illegal fishing in Ecuador

    In an effort to protect tuna exports to the European Union (EU), the National Government announced on Tuesday a plan to modernize the fishing sector, after the bloc demanded that the country intensify its fight against illegal capture. The Government will present a new law that includes sanctions for illegal fishing, in addition to the

  • ATUNEC Sustainable Practices

    The Ecuadorian Tuna Association commits to carry out its activities in the most sustainable way, both on land and offshore.