The Ecuadorian Tuna Fishing Association was created in 1994 with the goal of gathering all of the owners of tuna fishing vessels in the country, promoting solidarity and development at material, social, and technological levels.

Our Goals


To promote the material, social, and technological level of our partners.


Maintain and promote the relationships and activities, national and international, with similar organizations, with the goal of intervening in important issues, in which ATUNEC could have a positive influence.


Place ATUNEC in front of Ecuadorian and foreign authorities as spokespersons in the matter.


Gather all shipowners of tuna fishing vessels in the country, specifically those who use fence and cane net.


Constitute a solid legal structure, in which all our members are able to define common goals and therefore obtain the support they need to defend their interests.


To start negotiations with the goal of decentralizing, eliminating, and simplifying, paperwork of our members with legal and foreign authorities.


Elaborate a base of technical, commercial, and economic data, about fishing in Ecuador, the same one which will be available to all of our members.


Promote solidarity, community spirit, and mutual help among our members, to protect and defend each other.


Resort to authorities and organizations, both national and international, to defend the interests of our members, and therefore, promote the growth of our sector.


Maintain a close relationship with local, regional, and national authorities, with the goal of receiving the necessary services with the right quality and speed.

Our Mission

Join the tuna shipowners to generate associative work strategies and defense of their interests, in search of common solutions to optimize the operations of the national tuna fleet and particularly of our members.

Our Vision

Leading organization in the tuna extractive sector, framed in honest work, generating consensus, respectful of commercial and environmental fishing legislation and providing optimal services to its members with highly qualified personnel.

ATUNEC History

The Ecuadorian Tuna Fishing Association, ATUNEC was constituted through the General Assembly of tuna fishing shipowners and tuna processing plants on august 8th 1994, previously summoned by Baltasar Romeo Fernández Avellaneda and other founding partners.

Legal Status

Through Ministerial Agreement No. 192 of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Industrialization and Fisheries, given and signed in Quito on July 24, 1995 by José Vicente Maldonado, legal status is conferred on the Ecuadorian Tuna Association ATUNEC with the approval of its current statutes.

Legal Representation

Legally, ATUNEC is represented by the President of the Board of Directors and has the character of an institution of a private and class order. The current President is Cap. Ricardo Buehs Bowen.

Our Presidents

ATUNEC Board Members2019 - 2021

Ricardo Buehs BowenPRESIDENT
Bernardo Buehs NoboaTREASURER

Main Spokespersons

Ivo Cuka Kunjacic1st Spokesman
Aitor Chopitea Cantos2nd Spokesman
Juan Carlos Calero3rd Spokesman
Marcial Zambrano Cedeño4th Spokesman

Subsitute Spokespersons

Victor Hugo Rosero1st Spokesman
Juan Barreiro2nd Spokesman
Ken Sugahara Zambrano3rd Spokesman
Daniel Buehs Bowen4th Spokesman